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Goddess Camp 2013

Welcome to Goddess Camp

There is nothing quite like Goddess Camp! It is all about Love! It's where you can Share your best self, Support others, Claim the Goddess Within, experience Spiritual Women’s Empowerment, and have Fun! We are Powerful Women sharing our joy.

You've heard about us, now we invite you to come and play!

Goddess Camp is the best event you can imagine: Beyond friendship, to sisterhood. Beyond talking, to emotional intimacy. Beyond whining, to creating!

This is the next evolution of the quilting bee — an important social structure in our busy lives today! We help you to create your own ongoing, supportive group of loving Goddesses dedicated to your happiness, growth and beautiful “unfoldment.”

Goddess Camp is here to inspire, educate, entertain and delight you into claiming the goddess that is already within you. We are everyday women trained to do wonderful things. You can, too. You can heal, inspire and love even more in your life. Here you will discover how to create your own camp, connect with other Goddess members, share ideas, make friends, join in larger international events- like "The Conclave!", and help women all over the world to create better lives on every level.

We show you how to create every Goddess Camp with trust, openness, powerful healing energy and Divine Love. We are here to celebrate the best in each one of us and to learn how to share those gifts, at last.

We help you claim your goddess power within to use it in your daily life.

We sing, visualize, dance, inspire, and share our hearts’ desires.

We celebrate the feminine power of love with our motto:

“With Praise, Power and Pleasure
We Create our Best Life Ever!”

Are you ready to 'Claim the Goddess within'?

It's time! It’s an experience like no other!

You may become a Hostess/Queen with a group of your friends, or ask to join a fun new camp. Jump in here with us now to learn more about GC events, products, membership, how to create your own camp, and more!

Come and play with us today!

Many Blessings!

- Genevieve Coleman, Lic. PPP (Power Prayer Practitioner) "Goddess Ecstasy"