Goddess Camp 2013


Just another day in history that will not come again
Or another chance to focus on the dreams in side my head?
I notice that these numbers run in mirror –like sequence
Reflecting back to ask me if I’d like to see a glimpse
Of how I think I’m doing as this last year has played out
I don’t like this much pressure but I know without a doubt
I’m doing so much better than I was the month before
And though my progress seems advanced
There’s more learning in store!

Imagine my surprise when someone asked me to explain
What I think I did Right- as this year draws to an end!
It took me so much longer to just think of an answer
Than to recite my standard list of flaws without preamble!
It shocked my brain to catch again that pattern of abuse
That false humility is stupid, really without use!
I practice positivity! I cheer your each success!
But I can’t list what I’ve done right?
My thoughts are such a mess?

So chastised thus I recommit to watch my thought-less patterns
And speak my words with care and verve
Creating praise that’s better
I focus on my heart’s desires once more with clear agenda
And Celebrate; I’ve done LOTS RIGHT!
As this year comes to an end-a! (Ha!)

For after all, if this life ends
and I’m not proud of Me
Then what’s the point of After-life?
The gift was wasted, you see?
For even though I’ve made mistakes
I live in Appreciation!
That Balance makes my world complete!
And that’s worth Celebration!

So enjoy this date of reflecting back
Upon your life well-lived
When we survive 12-21-12
We’ll have so much more to give!

“Here’s to our great future!”

-G. Q. Coleman
December 20, 2012