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Goddess Camp 2013

About Us

Genevieve Coleman is a successful Minister, Power Prayer Practitioner, Actress, Singer, Work-shop Leader, lecturer, media personality, Lyricist, wife and mother of two.  Her quick wit, high energy and personable style have brought her accolades and renown in every endeavor.

Her current focus is as the Founder and Facilitator /Trainer of Goddess Day Camps, Intl.  At every camp, Genevieve takes us on a journey through our own lives, re-connecting with all the aspects of ourselves in sister-hood fun, sharing, personal empowerment and transformation geared to reclaiming the Goddess within. Empowering people to make the best choices, inspiring others to grow in love and celebrating life fully are a few of her trademark teachings.

Married to Marc, 24 times, her Book,  "Marry Me More" has inspired the new Wedding Renewal Revolution. In addition, Genevieve has a gift for Poetry, and is a talented lyricist, who has written many a Custom Birthday song for clients over the years. Her special songs/lyrics are legend at Goddess Camp.

Wendy attended the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, earning her BA in Psychology with a specialization in Applied Behavioral Analysis. Wendy is a certified Massage Therapist and a Reiki Master Practitioner. She utilizes aspects of other healing modalities as well, such as Lomi Lomi, Pranic Healing, and Crystals of Light.

Wendy is the proud mother of two grown children, and holds a second dan (degree) black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Her other interests are jewelry design and using her intuitive self in reading tarot cards and bringing joy to others.

A Powerful Goddess Camp Facilitator - Our opinion on this is very simple and clear:

The Goddess Facilitator has studied the Goddess Camp Guidebook and has been well trained in how to lead nurturing and supportive camps.

We love our wonderful hostesses. They are vital in spreading the word and holding their seasonal Goddess Camps, four times a year. This ongoing support will impact the lives of many women around the world, and the results may be world peace in our lifetime!

And as we say at Camp, when we make a powerful statement for the highest good of all: "And so it is!"

So let your first Goddess Camp be guided by a trained facilitator, and then each hostess can lead the way in Goddess Camps throughout the year. Unless, of course, she wants to relax and join in the fun more completely. Then a powerful Goddess Facilitator will be happy to again provide her services.

Isn’t it great to be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise?!

Please visit The Goddess Shoppe for more information about having an experienced Goddess Facilitator lead your next camp.

For information on becoming a certified Goddess Camp Facilitator, please contact us.

      Enjoy Life!