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Goddess Camp 2013

"Claiming you are a Goddess"

 Claiming the goddess  must be done every day until one morning you wake up and forget to remind yourself that you are a goddess and don’t need reminding!

When the goddess within is the one who jumps out of bed to greet the day and find all the joy and create and co-create the beauty in it…you have arrived.

Until then, you must claim it as so and be the goddess- in- training that we all are. I affirm that this is possible for you and the only way to heal your life and thus, the world.

So, how do we start doing this? Start with your world around you. Start with self-love, then loving your partner, then your kids, family and co-workers. You now have the power to give love consciously. Use that smile, that hug and those kind words to praise, pleasure and heal others. That’s a start.

Now, for our men. Men need more real love. Real love comes from the heart and from understanding. Don’t demean men or belittle their natural sex drive. We women need it. When Physical love is present with trust, adoration and humor, there is nothing better on earth for our bodies and minds. It is heaven on earth!

Trust me, they have been as savagely brain washed as we have been when it comes to real beauty. There is no perfect body and the mindless pursuit if it causes misery for all and richly lines the pockets of the sharks that sell us their ideas.

When will we be strong enough to reject those ideas? When will see how unhappy it makes us to continually criticize our bodies and never feel good enough? Why do we believe their stories about pursuing perfection? Let’s start today and make our own story that fits our own life!

We will learn to love ourselves enough. We will learn to love others just as they are, inside and out. This means stop judging other bodies, too. We are all perfect inside and have so much love we are afraid to share. Why?

We are afraid of rejection. We are afraid we can never, ever measure up to the high, unhappy, (… did you know super models are not totally happy?) unrealistic expectations we have come to hold sacred. We have bought into the “Great Commercial Lies!” The ones that say, “You are not good enough until you have this product!”

Release them and be free.

Give others the gift of true love; accept them just the way they are. Surround yourself with people who love themselves, not just strive to look perfect. You are worth it, my beautiful, gorgeous ….(just the way you are right now) …..Goddess.

Lead the way. Claim the truth: You know you are a goddess right now and you are pleased to enjoy your life!

-Genevieve Coleman
Goddess Ecstasy
Professional Power Prayer Speaker