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Goddess Camp 2013

"Going Somewhere"

To be in a group that’s going somewhere, now that’s exciting.
You mean I don’t have to fly by myself anymore?
Among the someones and the whos-its that are comfortable
with their feet on the ground; wake up!
Walking at a snail’s pace, if moving at all.

To be in a group that’s going somewhere, what does that mean to me? The world!
It’s something I have always dreamed of and studied.
Partnership, support, role models, resources, sisters, acknowledgement, collaboration, community, accolades, focus, up-leveling, achievement, this is me; and look at all of you, wow!

To be in a group that’s going somewhere, how did that happen?
All my life I have taken the alternative road, the one less traveled,
I have followed my heart and my instinct,
I have gone where I was told not to go because it might be dangerous, or, you can’t do that, you’re a dreamer, you’re a Pollyanna, you see through Rose colored glasses, you have your head in the clouds, and you live on an entirely different plane!
I wouldn’t have had it any other way,
now my road has led to you,
and that road leads to me.

To be in a group that’s going somewhere; all dreams come true,
as they are no longer dreams,
because we and those around us are living them everyday.
THIS is to have lived fully and this is my dream:
that every ounce of potential I have to contribute
to the greater good of all is used here,
and now,
not when I have time or get around to it,
not when I’m retired or can’t stand my work,
that everyday I am reminded that what I do,
and who I am,
makes a difference.

-Stefanie Dumont