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Goddess Camp 2013

"I am a Goddess"

I am a Goddess
You do not have to see my wings
To know how strong I am!

I stand in my truth and do what is right for me
That clarity in my life gives others the strength
To believe they can do it, too!

I walk my talk in my own special way
Knowing I am guided in each step
As I keep my mind and heart open
To the good things all around me

I am blessed and I always appreciate
Where I am living today
For in seeing what really is true
I will understand how I got here.

Then I can choose again.

I choose freedom, my fashion and fun.

I choose wonderful, wealthy wisdom.

I choose peace and power and pleasure.

I love being the Goddess I have become.

It becomes Me.

-Genevieve Q. Coleman
January 18, 2010