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Goddess Camp 2013

"I am Goddess"

I stand here in Love. I proclaim this Truth.

For it is Love that has brought me this far in life. 

I affirm my choice to lift my consciousness higher and reveal this Goddess within. I know that my choice inspires all who witness my transformation to be free themselves and let their best Self shine.

I am strong for you, my Sisters. I stand fast with you in the face of your fears. I hold the truth for you if ever you waver. I know we bless each other by our hearts full of love. I am here for you.

I affirm our importance in this world. I know there is a higher purpose for our hearts opening and minds expanding. We are being called to heal the world. We can take no credit for The Spirits work. We know this and rejoice in our choice to serve. This is not for the faint of heart or the praise–seeking woman. This Calling is the highest gift we can give and the hardest path to keep to, for we must first cleanse ourselves of our old fears. We must repeat the truth and hold the Spirit and help each other along the ways. For even though we have come to realize a higher path of pleasure in life, we are still in our human bodies and we all have issues we came here to learn and to work out. That is part of the pleasure of being alive today. And so in this way, we get to lead the way in being most human, too. 

“If I can get through this, Sister, so can you. Let me help.”

This is the message I choose to give to my world. That I am here to learn, just like you, and that because I realize there is a Higher Power within that I can use, I also know that life can be better than my dreams and I can inspire others to dream big, too.

I believe that through the power of the Feminine Spirit we can help rebalance the earth and bring the higher vibrations of Love to the world that we all need to feel Love Leading Us.

I now proclaim my Joy! I have finally found like-minded Sisters who will dance with me! I delight in hearing your stories, your triumphs and even your challenges, for I love supporting you and being there when you succeed! I want to sing and laugh so much with YOU, so that our laughter reaches the cosmos and the angels who sing with us delight in our pleasure and the world takes notice!

We are Peace on earth. We are Pleasure in action. We are the Light.

Thank you for your light and sharing your love with me. I am so glad to Love you.

-Goddess Ecstasy, Genevieve Q. Coleman