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Goddess Camp 2013

Our History

Joy Mitchell image

In 2004, a wonderful woman named Joy Mitchell Lisker gathered together some of her cherished female friends and family for a day of sharing wisdom, supporting dreams, and inspiring one another. It was so successful that they all -- eight women in that first camp -- agreed to meet once each season to celebrate their continued successes and joys. As word spread of their great times of fun and fabulous support, these gatherings grew, many women wanted to join them, and then launch camps of their own. It became immediately clear that Goddess Camp was a special place to be.

Nearly a decade later, Goddess Queen Camp is going strong. There are now twelve other camps formally meeting from Montreal, Canada to Maui, Hawaii. We are immensely proud of all the great work, spiritual support, and boundless love the women in these camps are sharing.

Thank you for everything. Let's keep the love flowing!