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Goddess Camp 2013


“Since attending Goddess Camps I have discovered the hidden world of empowered women: It is full of so much love, I had only dreamed of things like this before. Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart.”

-Lorie C., Camp Los Angeles

“It took us to a new level!”

-Judy T., Camp Sedona

“What are we waiting for, Folks? The time to love is now and WE are the ones we have been waiting for!”

-Penny C., Camp La Jolla

“It sure feels good to be seen and heard; doesn’t it”

-Sherie H., Los Angeles

“With the newbie goddesses, it was like a fresh breeze and a wonderful reflection of the love we have shared within our circle that is now shining out the windows of their eyes. It was seeing love and acceptance and joyful celebration beaming from their smiles! I loved it!”

-Terri N, Camp Ventura

“I’m so delighted to now have new Sisters in Canada, spreading the love! You helped me see how it can be easier to be more open and trusting.”

-Miriam S., Camp Canada

“It’s not about the pot of gold at the end of Life - it’s all about the Rainbow Ride!”

-Gen C., Los Angeles

“And I feel so loved and believed in! Thank you! ;-)”

-Greta, H., Camp Gratitude, Los Angeles

“What has Goddess Camp done for me? My answer is: It’s given me a stage to share my poems, songs and lyrics again! Birthing greater creativity than ever for me. Thank you!”

-Wendy N., Camp Trust, Los Angeles

“I marveled at the depth we reached with the simple sounding process: 'What are you fearful about?' It was so good to share and see we are all still growing. Thank you!”

-G.L., Camp Canada

“What a wonderful process [i.e., the process ‘What are we most proud of’] Ladies of the Court. Who thought up that one? I loved hearing all of it. We all GLOWED under the praise of the person on our right and I want to do this process again!”

-G.H., Camp Ventura, CA

“That’s what Goddess Camp, Goddess Weekend, is: Sharing your knowledge with others. So you all can speak and share as you feel comfortable. We all can do it.”

-Joy L., Los Angeles

“I’m not dumb. I’m smart!”

-Lorraine, Camp Kauai

“Love can’t be wrong. Love just tries out stuff. It’s supposed to be fun! Relax, you only have to know a few steps ahead!”

-Jacqueline G., Camp Encinitas

“This has made a huge difference. My new mantra for myself is: “What is the KINDEST thing I can do for myself right now?”

-G.C., Camp Honu, Kauai

“We shared fun stories and bounced off of each other. I felt seen and herded! (Meow!) I think it was a Perfect balance of meaningful moments and fun.”

-S. C., La Jolla Camp

“Thank you all for your continuing love and support. I am richer because of having all of you to love - and to love me.”

-C.L., Camp San Diego