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Goddess Camp 2013

"What I Did Right in 2012"

I allowed myself to feel all the range of my emotions
I cried, I WAILED, I raged at the injustices I felt and imagined were permanent
I reached out for help...I RECEIVED , I permitted , I allowed

I traveled, I soared, I SPOKE , I loved, I lost, I RISKED and I listened

I isolated, I cried again and then crawled out and reclaimed my place, I lit up my star again
I set boundaries and raised my bar

I cuddled and snuggled and kissed and hugged you all...and let you love me
I celebrated YOUR triumphs and opened my heart as a trusted friend and loved you back

Then I stepped back and made space for my daughter's star to shine...
I released the need for perfection as I watched you model that for me
I did the work and stepped away, I TRUSTED...with all your love around me with grace
I celebrated the miracle of ever unfolding love with you

I spoke my truth and let you see me
I chose support and it came floating in on Goddess wings and mermaid wiggles ( Pirates, too)

I played, I sang, I danced I LOVED and will love you forever...We win!!

-Cheryl Rattner-Price