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Goddess Camp 2013

What is a Goddess?

A Goddess is a Woman who is willing to incorporate the highest qualities of the Feminine Nature. She embraces these aspects and is a positive force in her world.

We may choose to use the role models of Aphrodite or Kali, for example to inspire us, yet we don’t want to just embody their attributes, we strive to empower our actions with their Feminine Wisdom.

We are modern, everyday women wanting to share the best within us. We are inspired to use our natural talents in ways that show kindness and speak loving words. We are just like you!

The way of the Goddess is Love. This only enhances any religious beliefs one may hold. Love is the common thread in every spiritual practice.

We support the Spiritual Empowerment and Conscious Living for every woman.

This is the joy of claiming and sharing your Goddess within.
Let it shine!